The legend of Spring Heeled Jack and more!

Okay in today episode we look at the mystery and the legend of spring heeled Jack and other creatures of the night like the London monster, for this strange tale we joined forces with Jerry Paulley the host of the Hillbilly Horror Stories Podcast, Jerry was able to touch on some of the tales about the caped crusader popping up in America. 

Now the London Monster who was essentially just a strange creepy man with bulging eyes, for some reason I was unable to get a date (can't think why) so he came up with a lovely way of trying to woo the fairer sex, he would offer them a lovely bunch of flowers and if they refused to smell them, he would jab the bunch of flowers which concealed a hidden pin right into the face of the unsuspecting lady.  

Unsurprisingly he remained single!

Then we move onto Spring Heeled Jack himself, another very strange character often wearing skintight clothing, a cape, a hats with horns, he's said to have glowing eyes, often spewing blue flames and the ability to bound over buildings if pursued by an angry mob.

Now tales are abound (you see what I did there) of SHJ right throughout England and we get into a few of them, starting from 1837 right up to the modern day.

Yes really people are still seeing him bounding away over fields! 

All being said and done I hope you enjoy the episode and please as always give us an iTunes review and send us your feedback, thank you for reading and thank you for listening. 

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