Dale Harder a Most Endearing Alien.

Dale Harder

In this weeks show we get to interview Dale Harder who hails from the Pleiades star system, but currently resides in Cleveland, Dale is a self proclaimed alien, a Pleiadian to be exact, sometime referred to as the Nordic aliens.

No I admit this is an interview where you really will benefit from having an open mind, but even if you come into it with a closed mind I think by the end you will have warmed a bit to dale, but don't take my word for it please download the show, links are below, ok so here's a snippet about Dale but we cover a lot more in the show.

His early life finds him abandoned on the steps of a church before being adopted and becoming the local electrical repair man at the age of 6, his profound understanding of technology even led him to build his own laser before he was 7.

Dale would go on to become an engineer and work for NASA's Glen research centre, it wasn't till much later in life in his 50's that he started to piece together the puzzle of who he really is.

Since then Dale has be able to made contact with his brethren and learn how he volunteered to come to the earth as part of the first wave, his role being to help humanity reach a higher level of consciousness, his plan now like ours at don't break the oath podcast is to get the message out there.

I hope you enjoy the interview as we cover a lot, we really enjoyed this interview as Dale is an all round great guy to talk to and we will look forward to having him back on for a future show, so you have any questions for him please let us know by email click here!

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If you like this subject here are some books you may enjoy, Chariots of the Gods is one of my all time favourites.

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