Fairies and folklore with Varla Ventura

I had a great interview with folklore author and all round great lady Varla Ventura about her new book fairies pookas and changelings, we covered the various creatures found in the book like the brownies that in exchange for a small glass of wine left out at night, will clean your house while you sleep, tales of the tricky little leprechauns and my favourite the tommy knockers found in the old Cornish tin mines would lead you to a great vein as long as you leave them some behind, more fool you if you don't!

Varla has picked some great stories for this book and its a great read, in the interview we talk about how she got such an open minds to all these things and look at parallels between some of the old fairy tales and todays more modern alien abduction stories, my own meeting with a strange fairy that wanted to kill me and a lot more.

If you fancy reading this book here is the link.

#folklore #fairies #VarlaVentura #leprechauns

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