Listener's Chilling Ghost Story!

Ok now for my not too interesting stories.

My parents are cuban and practice voodoo, so you can say that we invite the paranormal right on in. its not that we lived in a haunted house, i think it was more my parents kept shadow people or shadow things around as part of our religion. 

i remember being awoken one night, by something calling my name that sounded exactly like my mother except kind, too kind actually,  I

knew even at the young age of 7 or so, that it wasn't my mother's normal cold way of calling for me. i laid in bed with my eyes wide open, analyzing what it was that was calling my name. after a few minutes of not hearing it again i figured it must have been a dream and started to settle down when i heard my name again, as clear as a bell yet unnatural. like no echo off the walls in a very still house or shuffling of a person calling out for someone. i didn't move and pretended to still be asleep. i eventually feel back to sleep. the next day after elementary, i told my mom about it and she replied, very matter of fact, "don't answer it, ever". 

i never heard something calling my name again after then. i also had an opposite experience. once while at a family barbecue, me and my cousins and siblings were playing just having a good time on the lawn, when all of a sudden there was a very bright white light around us. brighter than the midday sun in southern california. as the light flashed and seemed to linger too long to be a street light, we all paused when suddenly my cousins and siblings looked in my direction and screamed and started to run off, and so i started to run off too looking behind me but not seeing whatever they where seeing. we ran until we couldn't run anymore and were gasping for air when i asked "what was that?" without skipping a beat they all said. "a lady in white just appeared over you, so bright it was blinding us".  i asked them to repeat what they meant and they all said, as excited kids tend to do, that they all saw a lady, a woman, all in white floating above me glowing brightly. 

we dropped it right after that and never brought it back up, not even when we returned to our parent's. it was like we just didn't think our parents would believe us or we couldn't explain what we saw. or what they saw because all i witnessed was the bright flash of light. 

Hope you enjoyed this story!

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