Photo's for the episode with Gary Parker
The Great Pyramid
Text seen in ISS photo & below you can see it drawn out. 
This is where Gary can see a big alien head, looking up to the constellation they may come from.
This is a photo of the hieroglyphic taken in the Great Pyramid by the Djedi robot back in 2002 & to the right is Gary's drawing of what he could see in the same hieroglyphics when zoomed in.
The being Gary has seen down by the river 

This is Anna's drawing of the fairy her and her daughters encounter 

(it's a lot like the one i saw myself, great drawning)

This is a picture of the guy Andy spoke about in the past lives episode 

Do you think they look alike? Also the symbol he could draw as a child 

Picture's of Dale Harders possible alien implant 

Spot where implant was taken from

Alien implant under microscope 

Strange tree break we found at Willingham woods Lincolnshire UK, what do you think caused it?

Andy's Crystal ball castle image, from his past live in 1066 lol, can you see it,