This is a paranormal podcast in which we deal with the subjects of UFO's, cryptozoology, mysteries, conspiracies & more, but you wont just hear the stories, oh no! Hosts Solway & Finchy will also give you our opinions, the good the bad & the ugly, mixed in with some good old fashioned speculation & humor.

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The show will also include listener's stories, some exciting interview's with some of the top researchers in their field & our look at the weeks paranormal & weird news.

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Now then i'm Lee Solway 'spaceman'

(that's one for the ufologists out there) 

most just call me Solway or riff raff.

I'm a Grimbarian and the host of the 

podcast, i got into the paranormal after a

few paranormal encounters which included

hearing something run up the stairs & begin to rattled the bedroom door handle, which had me leaping out of bed only to find nobody there, i put it down to what i believe must of been a ghost, i also had an encounter with shadow man which tried to push a friend of mine down the stairs.


Other strange things I've seen include a UFO sighting, a fairy that may have taken me with it if id let it & even a possible goblin sighting once. True shit.

I do believe Bigfoot is out there & in my spare time you can find drinking beer or searching for the UK Bigfoot.



Hello all, I’m Finchy McFinch.


So I’ve been intrigued by the

paranormal for some time and

my first encounter happened

when i was just 13 (unlucky/lucky

for you, some might say) I'm a

strong believer in spirits & poltergeists. I have also had a dabble with a Bigfoot in my time whilst still staying skeptical about other cryptids.


I am a Grimbarian and have my own poltergeist called Derek living with me.


The Earth is not flat in my view , your opinions are welcomed on any topic with me and I am open to all views of the paranormal.



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